With vAutoStock being bespoke to each individual business it is easy to add a sanitise function to help keep showrooms safe.

How it works

As soon as a customer views or test drives a vehicle, the Sales Consultant or manager clicks “Sanitise” from their mobile or desktop.  This instantly notifies the person who is required to do it.

A vehicle can be added to sanitise multiple times, all requests are recorded.

Perfect for HSE compliance

Because each time a sanitise request is added and completed the date, time and user is recorded on vAutoStock.  This is perfect should a business finds themselves having to prove Covid-19 compliance.

Avoid stock being out of action

Having worked in busy dealerships I can see vehicles being left out of action due to sanitisation requirements.  At any point any person in the business can see how many vehicles are awaiting sanitisation and how long it is taking.

Not just for vAutoStock customers

If you are not quite ready for the full vAutoStock preparation system but would like the sanitisation function this can easily be set up remotely from a distance.

Next steps

For an online demo or to find out more please contact us