Initially we spend time in your business looking at your entire used vehicle operation.  We review:

  • Vehicle source
  • Stock profile
  • Stock condition
  • Preparation costs
  • Website
  • Marketing
  • Finance and additional products
  • Delivery time

Once we understand the business we will agree some quick wins and set mutual targets.


This is where our consultancy differs from other organisations.  Now that opportunities have been identified we set to work on implementing the improvements each week.  We do not just instruct, we roll our sleeves up and get stuck in.

Within two months you will start to see the results, by the end of six months the business will have moved forward considerably.

Risk and Reward

Our charges are based on a percentage increase in profits that we have delivered following on from the changes we have implemented.

For us, this ensures we are always focused on the result.

For you, this ensures you do not spend money unnecessarily.

Contact us today to discuss further.

How much

Hopefully quite a lot.  Our fees are predominantly based on the extra profit we generate.  We charge a small standard fee just to ensure we are covering expenses.

We calculate payment based on increase in profit during the time we are working with you.