This week sees vAutoStock launching BAS to the UK market. BAS is not like any other offering in the UK.

BAS was created by Dutch Dealer Group, Broekhuis.  Broekhuis are one for the leading retailers in Holland.  BAS launched in the Netherlands in April 2019 and by the end of September 3,500 trade vehicles had been sold on the platform.  They found that part exchange prices had gone up £600 on average.  This helped them close more deals and retain more profit.

Due to the success of vAutoStock Broekhuis gave exclusive rights for us to distribute BAS to the UK market.

When I was shown BAS earlier this year and asked if we would like to be considered as the UK partner, I knew we had to be the ones that helped bring it to market here.  Like vAutoStock, the system was created by people working on the front line of dealerships.  Who better to create something innovative to bring to market, than those who are working in it?

The appraisal software is free for dealerships to use.

Some of the benefits of BAS are:

  • Higher bids for part-exchange at point of deal build – this allows you to close more deals
  • Multi-franchise businesses can bid on internal vehicles and see the detail (instead of a phone call)
  • No need to wait for the trade vehicle to arrive to dispose or market it
    Improved cash-flow – Vehicles are paid for within 48 hours of arriving on site
  • Access to up to 150 trade buyers or limit to your preferred list

How BAS works:

A customer visits the showroom and the Sales Consultant conducts an appraisal on a tablet or phone with the customer.  It pulls the vehicle data from CAP HPI including valuation detail as well as any previous MOT advisories.  The Sales Consultant confirms the exact spec of the vehicle including options and takes photographs of the vehicle.  Any damage is noted and photographed.

The customer signs the appraisal on the screen and if they want a copy, they just enter their email address.

Depending on the dealerships process one of three things can happen:

1 – Dealership valuation – using the CAP HPI information a Manager can add a valuation

2 – External sale – This allows the vehicle detail to be advertised to up to 150 trade buyers.  Confirmed bids to buy can be submitted immediately.  This allows the Sales Consultant to conclude a deal with a customer, whilst they are on site, with an exact valuation to buy.  This eliminates trade losses.  The vehicle stays live on the platform for 7 days allowing any higher bids to be submitted.

3 – Internal only sales – Ideal if you have other franchises in the group or separate used car sites.  It allows these sites to see pictures and accurate description with the ability to put a price on the vehicle.  They can then track arrival of this vehicle.

Once the deal is concluded the highest bidder is notified.  Payment must be made within 48 hours of arrival and the vehicle is collected once funds have been received.

Trade buyers:

If you have more than 50 vehicles in stock, then you can request to be one of the preferred buyers on the BAS platform.  If you become a buyer, you can enjoy the following benefits

1 – No annual fee.

2 – Only £39 per bought vehicle.

3 – You can bid and win vehicles before they hit the market.

4 – Bids are blind so no one can outbid you by £50 at the last minute.

5 – Secure payment.

6 – Independent arbitration for any issues.

7 – Excellent details and photographs.

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